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Bryce J. Lemon (aka N.O.X. Infinitum, Poet Unknown, שאיאלאזין ) is a Ritual Magician, the Creator and Hierophant of the Temple of the Archinox and Founder of the O!O School of Magick. His work focuses upon absolving the paradoxes of modern religion and science back into archidoxal unity and the Magick liberation of the Will. His favorite subjects include: the Tarot, the Occult, Rosicrucianism, Aleister Crowley and Thelema, Ritual Magick, Kalachakra Tantra, Zen Buddhism, Shamanism, Ancient Egypt, Greek Mythology, the Roman Empire, Comparative Literature, Existential Philosophy (esp. Friedrich Nietzsche), Advaita Vedanta, Visionary Art, William Blake, the Epic Poets, Comparative Religion, Taoism, Aikido, Chess, Absurdism, Surrealism, Entheogens, Shakespeare, Mathematics and Number Theory, and Quantum Mechanics. His Collected Works are a fusion of all of these.

Excalibur: The Book of the Law: Solved is his Magnum Opus.

He is currently working on N.O.X. in the City of Pyramids, The Seven Seals of Gaia Ladrieh, Magick in the Mystery: Memoirs of a Mad Mormon Magus, and Megalo Vol. 2: Mirror in the Fog.



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