The Hermit Calls


There comes a time in all our lives that we must come to actual reckoning with our choices and actions in response to our interpretation of reality. This year, that is now passing into the realms of memory,  has tested my strength, my beliefs, my heart and my passions in a myriad of unforeseen ways. The influx of strains and releases that I’ve experienced in my own field of consciousness have changed me through subtle expressions that are yet to fully manifest in inherent phenomena. I’ve always been keen to weigh my own perceptions against outer manifestation. I seek to know the true reality- not the existence I’ve been told “exists,” nor the information passed down to me through lines of authoritative dogma, but the one and true way of things as they really are.

My limited perspective may never grasp the infinite scope of the All. But I seek with every thought, every breath I take and every action to expand my horizons to the blissful union with the divine spark that guides us. I know that I’ve been rarely understood- largely due to my own inclinations to reach beyond the borders of what I do know, attempting the Archidox of conception of the non-conceivable paradox. I know there is a hint of the inevitable in every place and situation I find myself- that the only choices that I made were they only choices I (specifically) would ever make. This unique snowflake of my reflection in the infinite waters is perhaps the very reason I was born- that I may choose the roads less traveled and attempt the peaks few dare climb to my own detriment or inevitable victory.

I’ve always listened to the still small voice that speaks to my soul and mine alone. The words it whispers, more often than not, flash upon my soul as fire (and at times raises fear) as the intimate knowledge of what is required seems infinitely beyond my feeble reach. But time and again, I choose to rise- daring one more adventure, one more treacherous climb, one more journey into the void, knowing that those views from highest mountain peaks continually sublimate the path preceding and introduce new heights at every summit- new challenges.

I know one thing and that alone- that this life is not to be squandered. It is a most precious gift bursting with divine opportunity in every moment. Life is something that continually overcomes itself. And it grows as we grow. I now step forward upon the new trail shining out from the darkest shade, full of anticipation and whispering a silent prayer in my heart. I see a safe journey. I see a safe return. And I see a sure death. Not the death of my body, but a death of what is false within me. For nothing is more revealing than the road and my one wish is to reveal to myself the actual truth: I AM.

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