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Excalibur: The Book of the Law: Solved


A full explanation of ‘The Book of the Law’, ‘The Book of Revelation’, and the new Magick Formula of the New Earth. This work is a concentrated, focused, and intellectual examination of the Universe, which inexorably proves the “spiritual” nature of life, as it expounds the immortal statement of the Aeon: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”


-Exhaustive Qabalah Key and explanation of Number Theory

-Verse by verse explanation of ‘The Book of the Law’

-Full explanation on the History and Development of Human Consciousness, Mythology and Culture

-Chapter by chapter explanation of ‘The Book of Revelation,’ including the origin of יהוה (Jehovah) and psychological analysis of St. John, the Revelator

-Full explanation of the Magick formula of the New Aeon, which will give birth to the New Earth

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Megalo, Volume 1: A Prologue


There is something terribly wrong with Ezra Hinckley. His relaxed, even joyful demeanor in the circumstances we find him- his childlike innocence matched only by his unrestricted violence- an indication towards the uncompromising dark journey before us. The more we learn of him, the less we understand him. We are keenly unaware of his intentions, his desires… his mission. We’ve entered a world ruled by the subconscious forces- by what is deep, what is dark, what is mysterious, what is magick. This is a world beyond good and evil- a world where anything can and will happen; a world where those who harness the forces of nature and live beyond the confines of moral code are transfigured into demi-gods among men. Before our eyes we witness the birth of the Ubermensch in all its terror and beauty- as the ferocity of the tiger’s snarl and the finality of the cobra’s venom. Each character is the genius of their place and time. Each the ultimate reckoning of those energies which spawned them from out primordial ooze. These are the overman.

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Extensive Meditations on Blood and Semen Vol. 1-3


This collective anthology is a compilation of the poetic writings of Bryce J. Lemon, while writing under the pseudonym: Poet Unknown, during his formative years (2011-2018). It includes “The Queen of the Vanities: An Excercise in Demon Yoga” (2015), “The Sacraments of Lilith” (2016) and “The Emerald Stare of the Golden Dragon: Funky Phallic Forms of Flow, Foamed and Frothed in Frolicking and Enchanted Play” (2018). Belly satiated and mouth dripping with juices, having devoured the Forbidden Fruit as Dionysus at the vine, the Poet turns and offers us his overflowing chalice. Do you dare the magick potion? The Ipsissimus does not distinguish between poison and elixir. Coagula et Solve. Aggressive, playful, scathing, paradoxical and scandalous- these volumes turn our sacred cows on their heads. If nothing is sacred, everything is. The Pied Piper arrives at your door and offers you open invitation- to leave the boundaries of your own Psyche behind, don your cloak and mask, and dance free as a beast under the Night of Pan in the City of Pyramids.With subjects ranging from Mysticism, Magick, Metaphysics, Qaballah, Tarot, Numerology, Zen, Shamanism, Kalachakra Tantra and the Occult Sciences to Sex, Love, Death, Devastation, Drugs, Despair, Victory, Art, and Dreams- written in deliciously subversive, nauseatingly erotic, shockingly disgusting, enchantingly magickal, ethereally beautiful and gut-busting hilarious verse; you’ll laugh, cry, convulse with fear, rage with anger, and ultimately be swept away on a magick carpet ride under the spell of ultimate compassion.

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The Emerald Stare of the Golden Dragon: Funky Phallic Forms of Flow, Foamed and Frothed in Frolicking and Enchanted Play


The third installment in Poet Unknown’s Extensive Mediations on Blood & Semen series. Funkadelic sex poems, Occult Codexes, Secrets from the Magick Vault, and Love, Love, Lover Doves. Drink from the fountain of the Shadow King. “For those who do not fear my darkness will find roses beneath the cypresses” (Nietzsche).

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The Sacraments of Lilith


The second installment in Poet Unknown’s Extensive Meditations on Blood and Semen. In “The Sacraments of Lilith,” the Poet is driven into madness by his vision of the All Pan. Induced into magick delirium, the poet screams into the void, raving and ranting as a lunatic blinded by his vision of reality. A prophet or a fool? That’s for you to decide.

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The Queen of the Vanities: An Exercise in Demon Yoga


The first installment in Poet Unknown’s Extensive Meditation on Blood & Semen series. “The Queen of the Vanities” chronicles the mental/consciousness states of the poet, drunk with love, who finds his dreams dashed and broken by reality. He gives way to the despair, drugs, chaos and insanity that mark his passage through the Underworld.

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The Labyrinth by Dead Man Smiling- Autographed Special Edition- $240

High Quality, Photo Print Art Book, Available by Request

labyrinths cover_web

One day, I awoke to the immediate impulse that the most important thing I could do that day was to go and buy some ink. There was an empty frame hung upon the wall and nothing else decorating the large, two-story apartment in Los Angeles, CA. Within the empty frame, directly upon the wall, I wrote the Haiku:

A lonely beach

Does not disturb

The Ocean.

By the end of the day, the empty frame was filled with words, written by every inhabitant of the apartment. A single line of ink drizzled from out the frame. Continued from the drizzled line, the words: “Now we are free.” were written upon the wall. From there, the Labyrinth took on a life of its own. For seven years, we projected our consciousness upon the wall. Anyone who desired to add to the wall, was encouraged to do so, on the condition that what they wrote or painted was a reflection of their heart.

Eventually, psychadelic drug use expanded the Labyrinth into a living, breathing organism. The experience is photo documented, with poetic commentary.

Red- Autographed Special Edition- $150

High Quality, Photo Print Art Book with Poetic Commentary, Available by Request


Anti-Fashion Photography and Poetry, presented by the Dionysian Knights

White- Autographed Special Edition-$131

High Quality, Photo Print Art Book. Available by Request.


Photo Self- Documentation while under the influence of LSD-25.


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